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AIWA International Patent Agency is composed of highly experienced patent attorneys who are former patent examiners at the Japan Patent Office (JPO), with experienced paralegals and service staff. Our office is located in Tsukiji / Ginza Area and adjacent to the JPO. We file about 300 patent applications to the JPO per year for our international clients, and file over 300 patent applications to abroad for our domestic clients per year.
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◎ Specialty

Measurement Instruments, Analytical instruments, Optical devices, Control equipment, Gaming devices, Office equipment, Display equipment, Semiconductor devices, Agricultural machines, Architecture, Civil engineering, Business models, Computers, Communication, Information security,
E-commerce, Transport equipment, legal affairs, Simulations, Network control, Artificial intelligence, Electronic games, Biotechnology, Food, Material analysis, Information processing, etc.


◎ Practice Areas

Filing and managing of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, appeals, as well as prior art search, appraisal and infringement.

◎ Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with faithful, precise, prompt and accurate service in support of the development, protection and good management of their Intellectual Property.

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